Nail Fungus Laser therapy

Nail Fungus Laser Therapy Options in Queens and Nassau County

Toenail fungus can affect almost anyone and can cause cosmetic and structural changes to the look of your toenails, which can cause you significant embarrassment in certain social situations. Some forms of nail fungus can even cause pain or an unpleasant odor. The friendly and knowledgeable podiatric team at Ideal Foot & Ankle Group can provide you with practical solutions for toenail fungus issues. We work with you to deliver the right treatment plan for your specific set of needs.

Signs and Symptoms of Nail Fungus

Some of the most common signs of toenail fungus include white or yellow spots that appear under the nail. These spots can spread to cause thickening, deterioration or discoloration of your nails. More than one toenail can be affected by these fungal infections. Fungus that attacks the areas between toes and the skin of the feet is generally referred to as athlete’s foot. At Ideal Foot & Ankle Group, our team can offer practical options that work to resolve issues with toenail fungus and to help you keep your toes and feet healthy and looking their absolute best.

The Underlying Causes of Toenail Fungus

It is estimated that almost one out of five people worldwide may suffer from some form of toenail fungus at some time during their lives. Older people are more prone to these fungal infections than younger people. As you may have guessed, toenail fungus is caused by fungi that can thrive in a moist and dark environment. Dermatophyte is the most common type of fungus responsible for these infections. Some types of mold and yeast organisms are also responsible for damage to and infection of the toenails.

Preventing Toenail Fungus

The friendly professionals at Ideal Foot & Ankle Group can provide you with the right guidance to avoid toenail fungus and other fungal infections. Some of the most helpful tips for preventing this issue include the following:

• Always wash your feet with soap and dry them thoroughly after bathing or showering.
• Change your shoes and socks at least twice per day.
• Choose socks that wick away moisture from your feet and toes.
• Clip your toenails regularly to keep them even with the end of your toe.
• Select properly fitting shoes.
• Never let anyone else use your nail clippers or other pedicure tools.

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

At Ideal Foot & Ankle Group, we offer advanced laser treatment options for eliminating nail fungus safely and effectively. This non-invasive and painless laser treatment pinpoints fungal cells and destroys them while leaving your skin and nail cells intact. Our team will work with you to determine whether laser treatment for your toenail fungus is the right choice for you.

To learn more about our advanced podiatric treatments, give Ideal Foot & Ankle Group a call today at 718-626-3338 to schedule an appointment with us.. We serve Nassau County and Queens with the best solutions for all your foot and ankle care needs.