Plantar Wart

The Best Plantar Wart Treatments in Nassau County and Queens

Plantar warts can sometimes cause discomfort when walking or wearing shoes. Ideal Foot & Ankle Group can provide you with practical help in addressing these issues and allowing you to enjoy optimal mobility and reduced pain during your regular activities. We are committed to delivering the perfect treatment options for our patients in Queens, Nassau County and the surrounding neighborhoods.

What Are Plantar Warts?

Plantar warts are small growths that typically show up on the soles of your feet, especially on the heels or on the ball of your foot. These growths are caused by the human papillomavirus, better known as HPV. This virus can spread through sexual contact or by any physical contact with someone who is infected with HPV. Some of the most common signs that you may have plantar warts include the following symptoms:

• Pain or discomfort when walking, standing or running
• A visible lesion or growth on your foot
• Tiny black dots on the sole of your feet
• A callus that forms over a specific spot on the foot

In some cases, plantar warts are little more than a mild annoyance. More serious or advanced cases of this condition, however, can cause pain and may result in the spread of the plantar warts over a larger area. Patients with diabetes should also seek treatment immediately at the first sign of plantar warts to prevent more serious complications arising from this fairly common condition.

Preventing the Spread of Plantar Warts

If you do contract plantar warts, there are a few simple steps that can reduce the risk that this condition will spread or worsen:

• Don’t pick at or cut into warts.
• Reserve a specific pumice stone, emery board and nail clipper specifically for use on plantar warts. Designate a second set for all other manicure and pedicure tasks.
• Change your socks every day.
• Always wear water shoes in locker rooms and public swimming pools.

The experts at Ideal Foot & Ankle Group can give you customized recommendations for avoiding the spread of plantar warts and preventing infection in the first place.

Treatments for Plantar Warts

At Ideal Foot & Ankle Group, we offer comprehensive treatment options for managing plantar warts and keeping your feet as healthy as possible. Some of our most effective procedures include the following treatment regimens:

• Salicylic acid medications can sometimes allow the layers of a plantar wart to peel away over time. This can reduce their impact on your mobility and can help you feel more comfortable throughout the process.
• Cryotherapy is another option we offer in our office. This requires our podiatrists to apply liquid nitrogen directly to the wart. We will usually numb the area first to reduce any discomfort you may feel during the freezing process.
• Surgery is required for extensive or deep plantar wart infections.

We can provide all of these options for you to treat your plantar wart issues effectively in our office. To learn more, call us today at 718-626-3338 to schedule an appointment with Ideal Foot & Ankle Group.

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