Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies: Could They Be Right for You?

For patients who have plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and other conditions that affect the bones, ligaments, cartilage or tendons, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapies can often provide added help in healing and recovering from these podiatric issues. At Ideal Foot & Ankle Group, we offer PRP injections that can promote faster healing and increased mobility for our patients in Nassau County and Queens in New York. We will work with you to determine if PRP therapies could be effective for you.

How PRP Therapy Works

The cells used in PRP injections come from your own body. The process works like this:

  • Blood is drawn from your arm during one of your first appointments with us.
  • We will then spin the blood in a centrifuge to separate out the healing cells, also known as platelets, from other cells in the blood.
  • The concentrated platelets are suspended in blood plasma and injected into the area that requires added help in healing and regenerating damaged tissue.
  • We may use a numbing agent to make the injection process less painful for you.
  • You will likely need a course of three or more injections administered every two weeks to achieve the best possible results.

PRP therapies are non-invasive and are performed on an outpatient basis in the Ideal Foot & Ankle Group office. This can ensure the greatest convenience for you in receiving these advanced treatment options from our team.

Benefits of PRP Treatment Options

PRP therapies can provide some significant benefits for you and your feet and ankles. Some of the most important advantages of PRP treatments include the following:

  • PRP injections can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as a supplementary treatment before and after podiatric surgery.
  • Because PRP injections are non-invasive, they do not require an extensive period of recovery.
  • The healing power of PRP therapies can continue for weeks or months after the treatment.
  • PRP therapies typically reduce inflammation and increase the ability of the body’s tissues to heal themselves more effectively.
  • The procedure takes less than half an hour in most cases.
  • Pain relief can start within a few hours of the injection and may last for days or weeks after the treatment has been administered.
  • Because the cells used in PRP injections are drawn from your own bloodstream, there is no risk of rejection or adverse effects for most of the patients we see at Ideal Foot & Ankle Group.

If you are interested in exploring PRP therapy options or need any other podiatric services in Nassau County or Queens, give Ideal Foot & Ankle Group a call at 718-626-3338 to schedule your first appointment with us. We look forward to the chance to serve you.