PRP Foot & Ankle Injection

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy & Injections Meets Podiatry

Ideal Podiatry had revolutionized Podiatry in Queens, Long Island & all of New York City. For decades, PRP has been used in the Orthopedic field to tend to some of the most difficult healing hurdles of musculoskeletal tissues, soft tissues and joints.

PRP is a biological technology making use of a patients blood that can provide you the break-through healing mechanism you need to get through your injury. Dr. Albert and his team at Ideal Podiatry is the industry leader in New York City for PRP Podiatry. Call now and receive a 100% free medical consultation to see if PRP treatments and injections are right for you.

For your convenience we offer our patients two medical centers in the New York City area. One in Astoria, Queens and the other in Floral Park, (Nassau County) Long Island.

Residents from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island & Bronx also trust Ideal for all there PRP foot therapy needs.